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Review of Bad Therapy

Have you ever wondered if the therapy culture that permeates modern parenting is truly beneficial for our children? Abigail Shriers book, Bad Therapy: Why the Kids Aren?t Growing Up, delves into this pressing question with a critical eye and thought-provoking insights.

Bad Therapy presents a compelling narrative that challenges the prevailing norms of liberal parenting and the mental health industry. Shrier, an accomplished journalist with a background in law, brings her investigative prowess to explore the impact of therapy-based parenting on todays youth. The book suggests that the current approach to child-rearing, which often involves a heavy emphasis on emotional well-being and psychological support, may be doing more harm than good.

**What You Will Learn**
Through a blend of anecdotal evidence and scientific research, readers will learn about the potential pitfalls of over-validating childrens emotions and the unintended consequences of promoting psychological dependence. Shrier argues that by focusing too much on emotional therapy, society may be inadvertently stunting childrens growth, leaving them ill-equipped to handle the challenges of adulthood. The book provides a critical examination of how therapy culture has infiltrated family life and educational systems, potentially leading to a generation of over-diagnosed and over-medicated children.

**Why Read It?**
Bad Therapy is not just a critique; its a wake-up call for parents, educators, and anyone involved in the upbringing of children. Shriers incisive writing and bold assertions make for an engaging read that will provoke discussion and self-reflection. Whether you agree with her conclusions or not, this book will challenge you to consider the long-term effects of our societys approach to mental health and parenting. Its a must-read for those who are brave enough to question the status quo and seek a deeper understanding of what truly helps children thrive.

Shriers work is a courageous voice in the conversation about mental health and child development. Her previous book, Irreversible Damage, sparked controversy and dialogue, and Bad Therapy is set to do the same. Its a book that doesnt shy away from difficult questions and offers a fresh perspective on an issue that affects us all. So, are we over-therapizing our children? Read Bad Therapy and decide for yourself.

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Bad Therapy Why the Kids Arent Growing Up

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