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Amanda Skenandore

The Nurse's Secret

A Thrilling Historical Novel of the Dark Side of Gilded Age New York City

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Review of The Nurse's Secret

Do you love historical novels that combine mystery, suspense, and romance? If so, you might want to check out The Nurses Secret by Amanda Skenandore, a thrilling story of a young woman who hides in a nursing school to escape a murder accusation.

The Nurses Secret is based on the little-known story of Americas first nursing school, founded by Florence Nightingales principles at Bellevue Hospital in New York City in the 1880s. The novel follows Una, a streetwise grifter who cons her way into the school after being suspected of killing a wealthy man. She hopes to blend in with the other students, who are mostly from respectable backgrounds and have high moral standards.

But life at Bellevue is not easy for Una. She has to deal with strict rules, demanding doctors, and gruesome injuries and diseases. She also makes friends and enemies among her classmates and staff, and develops feelings for a handsome doctor who might be her salvation or her downfall.

As Una tries to keep her past a secret, she becomes involved in a series of mysterious deaths that seem to follow her wherever she goes. She has to decide whether to risk exposing herself or to stay silent and let innocent people suffer.

The Nurses Secret is a captivating novel that explores the evolution of modern nursing, the dark side of Gilded Age New York City, and the power of love and courage. Amanda Skenandore is an award-winning author and a registered nurse who brings her medical expertise and historical research to this page-turning story. You will be hooked from the first page to the last by this fascinating and dynamic heroine.

If you are looking for a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat, make you feel a range of emotions, and teach you something new about history, then you should definitely read The Nurses Secret by Amanda Skenandore.

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