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Review of The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Would you like to know the secrets of life after death according to the ancient Egyptians?

If so, we invite you to read the book "The Egyptian Book of the Dead" by the Anonymous writer, a collection of funerary texts that will reveal the beliefs and rituals of this fascinating civilization.

The book "The Egyptian Book of the Dead" is not a book in the modern sense of the word, but a set of almost 200 spells or magical formulas that were inscribed on objects such as bandages, coffins or figurines that accompanied the deceased in his grave. . These spells were intended to protect and help the deceased on his journey to the afterlife, where he had to face various challenges to unite with the god of the dead, Osiris.

The book "The Egyptian Book of the Dead" originated from older texts dating back to 2400 BC, and was compiled and republished during the 16th century BC. The texts were written on papyrus, often illustrated with vignettes depicting key scenes from the narrative. Some examples of spells are number 125, which lists a series of sins that the deceased had to deny having committed in life before Osiris and a court of gods; or the number 30, which prevented the heart of the deceased from betraying him during the trial.

The book "The Egyptian Book of the Dead" is an invaluable source of information about Egyptian beliefs about the nature of death and the afterlife. It is a work that will make you reflect on the meaning of life, morality and transcendence. You will be amazed by the wisdom and imagination of the ancient Egyptians, who created a complex and coherent system to explain the fate of the soul after death.

Do not miss this opportunity to read the book "The Egyptian Book of the Dead" by the Anonymous writer, a unique and essential work for lovers of Egyptian history, culture and spirituality. Discover the mysteries that this thousand-year-old book contains and let yourself be carried away by its magic and beauty.

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