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Review of It Ends with Us

What would you do if you fell in love with someone who turned out to be abusive? Could you leave him or would you stay with him?

This is the question that Lily Bloom faces, the protagonist of It Ends with Us, a romantic novel by Colleen Hoover. Lily is a young florist who lives in Boston and has a painful past: her father abused her mother and she took refuge in her first love, Atlas, a homeless boy who promised to come back for her someday.

But Atlas never returned and Lily resigned herself to forgetting him. Until one day she meets Ryle Kincaid, an attractive neurosurgeon who makes her feel things she had never felt. Ryle seems to be the perfect man for Lily: intelligent, successful, loving and passionate. However, she soon discovers that Ryle has a dark and violent side that hurts her physically and emotionally.

Lily struggles between love and fear, between hope and reality. Will she be able to escape from that cycle of abuse or will she repeat her mothers story? What will happen when Atlas reappears in her life and offers her a second chance? What does it really mean to love someone?

It Ends with Us is a moving and brave novel that shows the lights and shadows of love. It is a story about courage, strength and dignity of women who suffer domestic violence. It is a story that will make you cry, laugh and reflect. It is a story that you will not be able to forget.

If you want to read this novel, you can find it on Amazon or at your favorite bookstore. Dont miss this masterpiece by Colleen Hoover, one of the most popular authors of contemporary romantic genre.

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