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Review of Layla

What would you do if the person you love changes completely after a brutal attack? How would you recover the magic of the first moments together? Who would you turn to if your partner becomes distant and strange?

These are some of the questions asked by Leeds, the protagonist of Layla, Colleen Hoovers novel that explores life after tragedy and the unwavering spirit of love.

Leeds meets Layla at her sisters wedding, at a hostel where he plays in a band. From the first moment, he feels a special connection with her, and they soon fall head over heels for her. But his happiness is cut short when a stranger attacks them and leaves Layla on the brink of death.

After weeks in the hospital, Layla physically recovers, but her personality has changed. She is no longer the cheerful and fun woman Leeds once knew, but a shadow of herself, tormented by fears and secrets. Trying to get back what they had of her, Leeds takes her to the hostel where they met, hoping the place will bring back good memories. But what happens there is the opposite.

Layla starts acting strange and scary. Inexplicable things happen in the hostel. Leeds finds himself further and further apart from Layla, and more drawn to Willow, another guest at the hostel with whom he shares his concerns. But helping Willow means putting Laylas well-being at risk. Leeds soon realizes that he has a choice to make, because he cant help them both. But if he chooses wrong, it could be fatal for everyone.

Layla is a novel that will captivate you from the first page, with a plot full of mystery, romance, and fantasy. Colleen Hoover will make you feel all kinds of emotions with her agile and enveloping pen. If you like stories that make you vibrate, you cant miss Layla.

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