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Review of Never Lie

Have you ever been stuck in a snowstorm? In Freida McFaddens psychological thriller Never Lie, newlyweds Tricia and Ethan find themselves in this exact situation when their realtor fails to meet them for a showing. The secluded home they were supposed to visit was previously inhabited by a renowned psychiatrist and non-fiction author, Dr. Adrienne Hale, who mysteriously disappeared years earlier without a clue to what happened to her.

Despite the creepy backstory, Tricia and Ethan decide to break into the home and seek shelter from the increasingly cold and unescapable storm. While snooping through the books that Dr. Hale displays on one of many shelves, Tricia accidentally triggers a secret door in the wall. Tricia, ever the snoop, decides to investigate and locates a collection of taped therapy sessions presumably recorded by Dr. Hale of her patients.

Deliberately choosing to leave Ethan out of the loop, Tricia takes each quiet moment she finds to listen to the sessions, uncovering a shocking clue to the truth about Dr. Hale?s demise.

Freida McFadden is quickly gaining momentum on Amazon?s charts as a bestselling psychological thriller author. Nearly all of her titles are available on Kindle Unlimited. Frieda McFadden has a reputation for unpredictable twists and surprise endings, and this book is no different. The entire time, you think you have things worked out, but you will be thrown for a surprise or two toward the end.

So if you enjoy unpredictable plot twists and dark mysterious stories that are fast-paced and tense then Never Lie by Freida McFadden will deliver some of those along the way.

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