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Review of The Housemaid

What would you do if you had to work as a servant for a rich and mysterious family?

Thats the situation for Emma, the protagonist of The Housemaid, an addictive psychological thriller with a startling twist from bestselling author Freida McFadden.

Emma is a young nursing student who needs money to pay for her studies. When she sees an ad for a family looking for a maid for her mansion on the outskirts of town, she doesnt hesitate and shows up for work.

There she meets Nina Winchester, the elegant and cool matriarch of the family, who welcomes her and shows her to her room. Everything seems perfect, until Nina warns him never to go into the guest bedroom.

Emma is curious to know what she is hiding behind that forbidden door, but she decides to obey and concentrate on her tasks. However, she soon discovers that the Winchester family has many dark and dangerous secrets, and that she is in the middle of a web of lies, betrayal and murder.

Will Emma be able to escape from the house before its too late? Whats in the guest bedroom? And who is the real enemy?

The Housemaid is a book that will catch you from the first page and you will not be able to let go until the end. If you like psychological thrillers with complex characters, oppressive atmospheres, and unexpected twists, dont miss this novel by Freida McFadden, the author of Dr. Jane McGill and The Housemaids Secret. Download it now!

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