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George R. R. Martin

The Rise of the Dragon

An Illustrated History of the Targaryen Dynasty, Volume One (The Targaryen Dynasty

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Review of The Rise of the Dragon

Would you like to travel back in time and learn about the history of the most powerful and mysterious dynasty in Westeros? If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you can't miss The Rise of the Dragon, the new book based on George R. R. Martin's saga about the Targaryen house.

The Rise of the Dragon is an impressive graphic novel, with more than 180 illustrations that will make you feel like you are inside the world of ice and fire. In its pages, you will discover the creation and rise of power of the Targaryens, from Aegon the Conqueror's conquest of Westeros to the Dance of Dragons, the bloody civil war that nearly ended the rule of this dynasty.

Join the Targaryens on their adventures, intrigues, alliances and betrayals, and meet their legendary dragons, the most feared and admired creatures in the Seven Kingdoms. The Rise of the Dragon is the perfect complement to House of the Dragon, the prequel series to Game of Thrones that will premiere soon on HBO.

Don't wait any longer and immerse yourself in The Rise of the Dragon, the book that will reveal the secrets and legends of the Targaryens, the dragon lords. We assure you that you will not be able to put it down until the end. Get your copy today!

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