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Nora Roberts

The Choice

The Dragon Heart Legacy, Book 3 (The Dragon Heart Legacy, 3)

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Review of The Choice

Do you like stories of fantasy, magic and romance? Entonces, tal vez quieras leer The Choice, the third and last book of the trilogy The Dragon Heart Legacy by Nora Roberts.

The Choice is the conclusion of the epic saga that began with The Awakening in 2020 and continued with The Becoming in 2021. It is the story of Breen Siobhan Kelly, who grew up in the human world but discovered that she is part human, part fae. parte demi-diosa at the beginning of the trilogy.

Breen is in Talamh, a land of green hills, high mountains, deep forests and seas, where magic abounds. But the portals allow the step of going back and forth, and finally, each one must choose his place and decide between good and evil, war and peace, life and death?

Breen displays his sadness and gives an account of a power he had never experienced before. It is also a time for celebrations: the first Christmas in Europe and Ireland, the solstice and weddings and births. Y se atreve to find the new joy tras el dolor.

If he dedicates himself to writing his stories and when his duties as taoiseach allow him, he is next to Keegan, who has been trained as a guerrera and who has reached a dead end. Es Keegan who is by his side when the enemys witches, traitors and sedentars of power, appear in their dreams, practicing black magic, sacrificing innocents and planning a brutal destruction for Breen.

And soon, united with him and all of Talamh, he will seek those who need to be rescued and he will face the darkness with all his weapons: his sword, his magic and his valor?

The Choice is a novel that will hook you from the first page to the last, with unforgettable characters, wonderful scenery and a plot full of action and emotion. If you like the books of Nora Roberts or you want to discover their fantastic universe, dont miss The Choice.

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