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Review of We Lie Here

What if you discovered that your family has been hiding a dark secret for years? That's what happens to Yara Gibson, a successful TV writer who returns to her hometown of Palmdale, California, for her parents' twentieth-anniversary party. But her trip turns into a nightmare when she receives a text from a woman who claims to know something that will change her life.

The woman is Felicia Campbell, a childhood friend of Yara's mother. But they haven't spoken in decades, and Yara doesn't trust her. Felicia keeps texting her, urging her to meet her before it's too late. But when Yara finally agrees, she finds Felicia's body floating in Lake Palmdale.

Felicia left behind a key to a remote cabin, where Yara discovers files related to a mysterious tragedy that happened in 1998. A tragedy that involves her family and a deadly secret they have been keeping for years. A secret that someone is willing to kill for.

As Yara digs deeper into the past, she realizes that Felicia was right. Nothing is what it seems, and the truth will shatter everything she thought she knew about her family and herself. Will she be able to uncover the truth before it's too late? Or will she become the next victim of a ruthless killer?

We Lie Here is a gripping thriller by Rachel Howzell Hall, the New York Times bestselling author of And Now She's Gone and These Toxic Things. It's a story of murder, family secrets, and twisted lies that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. If you love suspenseful novels with complex characters and shocking twists, you won't want to miss this one. Order your copy today and find out why Rachel Howzell Hall is one of the most acclaimed authors in the genre.

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