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Review of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Would you like to visit a magical and mysterious chocolate factory? Thats what happens to Charlie Bucket, the protagonist of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the classic childrens book by Roald Dahl. Charlie is a poor boy who lives with his family in a small and cold house. What he likes most in the world is chocolate, but he can only eat it once a year, on his birthday. One day, he learns that the owner of the worlds largest and most famous chocolate factory, the eccentric Willy Wonka, has hidden five golden tickets in five Wonka chocolate bars. Children who find the tickets will be able to visit the factory and receive a special prize. Charlie dreams of being one of the lucky ones, but the chances are very slim.

However, fate smiles on him and Charlie finds the last golden ticket in a chocolate bar that he buys with a dollar that he finds on the street. Together with his grandfather Joe his, Charlie prepares to live the sweetest and most amazing adventure of his life. The other four winners are Augustus Gloop, a gluttonous boy; Veruca Salt, a spoiled girl; Violet Beauregarde, a girl obsessed with gum; and Mike Teavee, a couch potato kid. They all accompany Willy Wonka on a tour of his factory, where they discover wonders such as a river of chocolate, an invention room, some candy animals and little workers called Oompa-Loompas.

But the factory also has its dangers and its lessons. Children who dont follow the rules or who get carried away by their flaws suffer strange and funny consequences. Only one of them will prove worthy of the true prize that Willy Wonka has in store. Will Charlie be that child? What secret is the mysterious chocolatier hiding? What will happen to the other children? To find out, you will have to read this book full of humor, fantasy and chocolate. We assure you that he will make you laugh, dream and enjoy like a child.

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