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Review of Charm (Crave Book 5)

Do you love stories of vampires, witches, dragons and other supernatural creatures?

Charm (Crave Book 5) is the fifth book in the Crave series by Tracy Wolff, a bestselling saga that has captivated thousands of readers.

In this installment, we follow different characters from the previous books as they face new dangers and challenges at Katmere Academy, a school for paranormal beings. Some of them are:

Hudson Vega, a charming vampire who has a complicated past with Grace, the heroine of the first four books. He is determined to win her back, but he also has a secret mission that could put everyone at risk.

Macy Morris, a powerful witch who is loyal to her friends and fierce in battle. She has a crush on Flint Leviathan, a dragon shifter who is part of Grace?s inner circle. But she also has a rival who wants to destroy her.

Jaxon Vega, Hudson?s twin brother and Grace?s ex-boyfriend. He is still in love with Grace, but he respects her choice to be with Hudson. He tries to move on with his life, but he soon finds himself in trouble with an old enemy.

Flint Leviathan, Macy?s love interest and Jaxon?s best friend. He is a loyal and protective dragon shifter who can breathe fire and fly. He has a dark past that haunts him and makes him wary of trusting others.

Charm (Crave Book 5) is a thrilling and romantic novel that will keep you hooked until the end. If you like books with charismatic characters, witty dialogue and happy endings, don?t miss this story

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