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Review of Valley of the Dolls

Have you ever dreamed of being a Hollywood star? With living a life of glamour, fame and fortune? With having it all and losing it all? If so, you may be interested in reading the book Valley of the Dolls by the American writer Jacqueline Susann.

This book, published in 1966, was the best seller of its year and one of the best sellers in the history of literature. ²³ It tells the story of three young women who come to New York in search of success in show business: Anne Welles, a naive beauty who becomes a model and falls in love with a writer; Neely OHara, a talented actress who rises to fame but falls to drugs and alcohol; and Jennifer North, a beautiful blonde who marries a sick singer and ends up committing suicide.

Through their lives, the book shows the dark side of Hollywood, where love, friendship, and loyalty are sacrificed for power, money, and fame. The book also explores topics such as sex, abortion, homosexuality, and aging, which were taboo in its day. The title refers to the pills or dolls that the protagonists consume to escape their problems.

Valley of the Dolls is an exciting, scandalous and touching novel, which will make you feel the most intense emotions. It is a faithful and raw portrait of an era and an industry that still fascinate the public today. If you want to know the true price of fame, dont miss this classic of contemporary literature.

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