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Review of Such Big Dreams

Have you ever dreamed of changing the world? With doing something big and significant that leaves a mark in history? That is what happens to the protagonist of "Such Big Dreams", the new book by the writer Reema Patel.

Such Big Dreams is an inspiring and exciting novel that tells the story of Anjali, a young Indian woman who has a passion for science and technology. Anjali lives in a poor, conservative village, where women have few opportunities for education and work. But she is not satisfied with her fate and dreams of studying at a prestigious university in the United States and becoming a recognized scientist.

To achieve her dream, Anjali will have to face many obstacles and challenges: opposition from her family, discrimination from her culture, lack of financial resources, culture shock, love, friendship, betrayal and danger. . Throughout her journey, Anjali will discover the value of perseverance, self-confidence, and the power of dreams.

Such Big Dreams is a book that will make you vibrate with the adventures and emotions of Anjali, a brave and determined heroine who fights for her ideals. It is a book that will make you reflect on social injustices, cultural differences and the role of women in the world. It is a book that will make you dream of a better future for everyone.

If you like stories of self-improvement, love and hope, don't miss Such Big Dreams, the book that will change your life.

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