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Review of Bad Luck and Trouble (Jack Reacher)

What would you do if your former comrades in arms were killed one by one and you were the next target? That is the situation faced by Jack Reacher, the protagonist of Bad Luck, the eleventh novel in Lee Childs successful series.

Reacher is a former military investigator who lives as a vagabond, without ties or commitments. One day he receives a coded message from Frances Neagley, a former colleague who asks him to reunite his old unit. Something serious has happened: one of his former colleagues has been thrown from a helicopter in the California desert and the others are in danger.

Reacher doesnt hesitate and sets off. Together with Neagley and two other survivors, Karla Dixon and David ODonnell, he begins to follow the clues that lead them to Las Vegas, the city of sin and gambling. There they discover that they are involved in a conspiracy that has to do with international terrorism and a stolen fortune.

Reacher and his team will have to use all their skills and resources to face a relentless enemy that will stop at nothing. They will have to trust their own, track suspicions until they reach the heart of the plot and destroy it. And they will have to do it quickly, because time is running out and luck can change at any moment.

Bad Luck is a fast-paced thriller, full of action, mystery and tension. Lee Child demonstrates once again why he is one of the masters of the genre, creating a story that captivates the reader from the first page to the last. His main character, Jack Reacher, is a charismatic, intelligent and brave hero, who does not give up on anything or anyone.

If you like Lee Childs novels, dont miss the second season of the Amazon Prime Video series Reacher, based on this book. You can see Alan Ritchson play Reacher and Serinda Swan play Neagley, among other actors. The series premiered on December 15, 2023 and is as exciting and addictive as the book. Do not miss it..

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